Rosemary Thompson

Polar Plunge 2024

The annual Royal Canadian Geographical Society Polar Plunge is back!

This year we are joined by notable Canadians, adventurers, and RCGS Fellows. The #RCGSPolarPlunge will help the Society raise important funding for the rich storytelling and engaging interviews that take place under the banner of the Canadian Geographic Explore podcast.

Our goal is to raise $35,000! With your help we can continue to expand Canadians’ knowledge of our country’s diverse human and physical landscapes, better preparing them for an uncharted future.

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Patrick Dion

Bold and brave, Rosie.


Gloria Lowen


Gord Konantz

Just leap in, Rosie, with your bountiful enthusiasm - your west coast fan base will be listening for the shriek! Love ya ❤️


Your Biggest Fan In Toronto


Anne V.

It’s for a good cause.


Martha Konantz

You're plunging in for a good cause Rosie! Good luck you brave woman!


Cuzzin Shelagh Rogers

Go for it Rosie Girl! And remember -- it will feel so good when you get out!


Virginia Thompson

You're brilliant Rosie. Enjoy the plunge!


Eva Czigler

I will be cheering you on from the sidelines!


Denise Siele

Get it sis! Watching in amazement from afar.


Heather Thompson


Ratna Ray

Wishing you the very best with this project, Rosie! All the very best!


Diane Obam

Bravo Rosie!


Lisa Snidal

Go Rosie Go! ♥️🥶♥️


Mary Lindsay

Good for you Rosemary!!!! Go girl.


Anne Van Dusen

Great cause! Hope you have a wet suit!


Sarah Hampson

Dear Rosie, Good luck! Make sure you have a hot tea at hand!


Leslie Scanlon

Well done, Rosemary !


Melanie Rutledge

Way to go, Rosie! In and out — over and done!


Melanie Fisher

Make like a duck and go for the plunge!


Marie Olney

Easy easy Rosie, it’s so warm there it’ll be like taking a bath! Gotta find a way to make it colder 🤣 🥶


Ratna Ray

All the best, Rosie, all the very best.


Rob Plowman

Good Luck Rosie!


Kelly-ann Chisholm

Go Rosemary! 🎉


Norman Osman


Shannon Carla King

Have fun!