Tim Joyce

Polar Plunge 2024

The annual Royal Canadian Geographical Society Polar Plunge is back!

This year we are joined by notable Canadians, adventurers, and RCGS Fellows. The #RCGSPolarPlunge will help the Society raise important funding for the rich storytelling and engaging interviews that take place under the banner of the Canadian Geographic Explore podcast.

Our goal is to raise $35,000! With your help we can continue to expand Canadians’ knowledge of our country’s diverse human and physical landscapes, better preparing them for an uncharted future.

Support the 2024 RCGS Polar Plunge!

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Tim Casgrain


Loreena Mckennitt


Catherine Kehoe

Happy polar swim!


Cicada Creative

Better you than me, Tim. Enjoy!


David Casgrain

It will b plus side when you plunge


André Picard


Sheila Copps

Go for it!


Brian Swan

Are you jumping into the Gatineau???!!!!


Mike Laewen

Wear a wet suit!


Mathias Joost

I hope the water is cold as the temperature is supposed to be 15 !!


Barry&nancy Stanton

Cold Plunge… then a warm toddy…. I’m sure. 😀👍


Francois Thibault

Tim Enjoy your Polar Dip


Chris Johnson


Kensel Tracy

Good luck, enjoy the water.


Jennifer Joyce


France Rivet

Hello Tim! I was a witness to your 2016 Polar Plunge along the coast of Greenland. This time around, the background may not be as majestic as a glacier, but I’m sure you’ll have as much fun! You’re a pro! 😃


Alessandro Di Pietro

Good luck you nut! Apparently the cold has a real good buzz after ;)


Robin Mallory

Well done I couldn’t do it!


Ed Chicoine


Richard Joyce


Derek And Kathy Joyce


Gary Epton

Brrrrrrr, good luck Tim!


Karen Pidcock

Hoping for RCGS support of good friends paddling their 2 kayaks around Great Slave Lake summer 2024…glad to add to your goal, too!


Florence And David Oldford

Enjoy, Tim! Brrrrrrrr!!!! Good for you!


Flo. Oldford

Fantastic! You are brave! Should be fun!


Joseph Wenkoff

Good luck with your swim!