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Polar Plunge 2024

The annual Royal Canadian Geographical Society Polar Plunge is back!

This year we are joined by notable Canadians, adventurers, and RCGS Fellows. The #RCGSPolarPlunge will help the Society raise important funding for the rich storytelling and engaging interviews that take place under the banner of the Canadian Geographic Explore podcast.

Our goal is to raise $35,000! With your help we can continue to expand Canadians’ knowledge of our country’s diverse human and physical landscapes, better preparing them for an uncharted future.

Support the 2024 RCGS Polar Plunge!

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Swimming with Shards (of Ice)

Saturday 17th Feb
I first began my polar plunges in Alaska in the late 1990s. Swimming in the glacial lakes in Soldotna and in the salmon-packed Kenai River felt amazing! The health benefits of cold-water swimming are well-documented, so it came to no-one's surprise that I swam in the sub-zero waters of Neko Harbour while working in Antarctica in 2008. The swim was documented as a post-credit scene for the film The Antarctica Challenge (2009). Other notable swims within the Arctic Circle include the Northwest Passage, Greenland, and Iceland. To see videos and pictures of these polar plunges, you can check out Google's map of "Mark Terry's Polar Plunges" here:

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Blair Minnes

Way to go, Mark! Always love to support the Ice King!


Gigi Stafne

Life is a great adventure. You are living it! ~Gigi


Michael Long


Rob Elder


Jeffrey Grischow

Hi Mark, Good luck with the Polar Plunge - I’m very impressed that you’re doing it! Jeff



Cool plunge!


Cel Giannotta

Good luck Mark!


Denis St-onge

Gkad you are still doing this, not possible for me anymore


Mary Anne & Ricardo Resendes


John Lindayen

Warm thoughts.


Kate Stevenson


Green Wisdom School Of Natural & Botanical Medicine

Cheering you on! 😊


Kate Tilleczek

Go Mark! Hope it is big fun.


Suzanna A.

Go Professor! You got this! I am cold just thinking about it. Woot woot!


Michael Beighton

Totally worth it, on so many levels!


Marla&kasha Slavner


Rosanne Bernard

Amazing cause. Amazing polar plunger. Only unsolicited advice I will share is GIRD YOUR LOINS, BUD!


Colleen Game


Herb Terry


Susan + Markus


Herb F. Terry

Don't forget to wave, as you did, in the ANTARCTICA CHALLENGE! 😃



Too cold me!


Maeva Gauthier

Way to go!!


Barb Wells

Good Luck!!


Christine Cooling

I’ve always wanted to do a polar plunge, and my dream is to one day live in Alaska — so for now, I’ll live vicariously through you, Mark!


Maria Bazilevskaya

As a former member of the Russian Geographic society, who found a new home in Canada, I couldn't help supporting your polar plunge! Cold is cool :)


David Mcguffin



May the Angel of Water accomapny you! Have a greaat swim. Your friend Oliver


Ray Kocur

You've always been a cool guy, glad to see you are keeping it chill!