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Polar Plunge 2024

The annual Royal Canadian Geographical Society Polar Plunge is back!

This year we are joined by notable Canadians, adventurers, and RCGS Fellows. The #RCGSPolarPlunge will help the Society raise important funding for the rich storytelling and engaging interviews that take place under the banner of the Canadian Geographic Explore podcast.

Our goal is to raise $35,000! With your help we can continue to expand Canadians’ knowledge of our country’s diverse human and physical landscapes, better preparing them for an uncharted future.

Support the 2024 RCGS Polar Plunge!

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Polar Plunge 2024 After Party Started!

Sunday 3rd Mar
If you're in Cincinnati next year, let's schedule a group plunge.

And The 2024 Polar Plunge Is Complete! See you in 2025.

Sunday 3rd Mar

Polar Plunge Safety check.

Sunday 3rd Mar
Looks good but no ice.

Getting ready for the plunge.

Sunday 3rd Mar
We checked out the plunge location. Safety first! But there isn’t any ice. 

Happy International Polar Bear Day!

Wednesday 28th Feb
Getting ready for the polar plunge. Just missing some ice and snow.

Celebrating International Polar Bear Day!

Wednesday 28th Feb
If you missed it, yesterday was International Polar Bear Day. I am going to do the Polar Plunge in Cincinnati.  Just like the polar bear, we are starting to see less and less ice in the winter and spring shows us earlier. While the water will be cold, it’s expected to be 23C here. 

Polar Plunge Abroad

Monday 26th Feb
I’m planning to Polar Plunge in the USA. Probably in the Little Miami River. Due to climate change we don’t get frozen water here very often any more in the winter. But the water will still be darn cold!

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Have fun!!