Alexandra Pope

Polar Plunge 2024

The annual Royal Canadian Geographical Society Polar Plunge is back!

This year we are joined by notable Canadians, adventurers, and RCGS Fellows. The #RCGSPolarPlunge will help the Society raise important funding for the rich storytelling and engaging interviews that take place under the banner of the Canadian Geographic Explore podcast.

Our goal is to raise $35,000! With your help we can continue to expand Canadians’ knowledge of our country’s diverse human and physical landscapes, better preparing them for an uncharted future.

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Why I'm plunging!

Thursday 15th Feb
Canadian Geographic might be 94 years old, but we’re as vibrant and relevant as ever, and it’s all because of our storytellers — people like David McGuffin, host of the Explore podcast, and the dozens of writers, photographers and illustrators from across Canada who illuminate our pages with their passion for this country and its potential. 

In an extremely challenging media landscape that continues to contract and splinter daily, our brand remains healthy, and our team committed to telling stories that matter. But we can’t do it without your support. 

I’m once again plunging into the icy waters of Meech Lake to prove my dedication to Canadian Geographic; please consider making a donation so we can keep producing the content you love!

Thank you to my Sponsors



Stay cool, Alex :)


Louise Theriault




Robin Esrock

Because how else can I see an editor get iced?


Martha Chisholm

Good luck Alex!


Carol Patterson

Go Alex! You're a brave Fellow!


Emily Dunn

Brrr. You did it!


Daniel Martins

Braver than me! Good luck my friend


Diane Selkirk

Crazy but cool thing to do!!


Norman Osman


Colin Bruce

Sorry can't make it myself! Best of luck



I love reading your articles!